About us

Primary focus on establishment of MConn was to provide specialized services in the energy sector, building up on previous experience of its founders. MConn was established as a necessity for provision of quality, professional and specialized counseling and consulting services, with the aim of becoming the first, most reliable address on which stakeholders, commercial organizations, internationals and local investors can rely for successful implementation of their business plans and provision of the necessary data for informed and strategic decision-making

Founder & CEO - Visar Hoxha

Visar Hoxha is graduated lawyer and holds master’s degree in civil law from Law Faculty - University of Prishtina, he is specialized in civil and energy law, with extensive experience in all segments of power industry, and particularly transmission and power markets, in Kosovo and Europe.

Visar has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector. From year 2000 and until 2007 has worked for international organizations in Kosovo such as OSCE and United Nations Mission in Kosovo/EU Pillar in field of rule of law and management of power sector reconstructions projects covering large portfolio of projects, as well and restructuring of energy sector of Kosovo in accordance with EU rules.

From year 2007 to 2021 worked in KOSTT (Transmission, System and Market Operator of Kosovo) in capacity of Secretary of Company / Manager of Legal Office.

Visar has played an active role and made significant contribution in establishment and development of liberalized electricity market in Kosovo, and meeting of the EU objectives for market development, such as establishment of Coordinated Auction Office, Albanian Power Exchange, and most importantly signing and implementation of the Connection Agreement between KOSTT and ENTSO-E, thus KOSTT becoming independent control area within Continental Europe.

In course of his previous experience under his management his office has ensured savings of about 65 million euros in prevented litigations and court awards for won cases in Kosovo and international disputes.

Visar also has extensive experience in drafting primary and secondary legislation in the energy sector, including regulatory and technical rules and procedures, and particularly renewable energy legal and regulatory framework.


Our services


Legal research and due diligence

Professional legal research and evaluations in the field of commercial law, energy, with special emphasis on renewable resources and the electricity market, commercial law, ownership, ethics and institutional integrity, employment and human resources.


Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies and technical consulting services, in the field of trade law, commercial law, property, energy, ethics and institutional integrity, employment and human resources.


Market research

Market and business environment research, identification of opportunities and risks for operation of local and international enterprises and business entities.


Negotiation and review of contracts

Negotiation and review of contracts, reports and other documentation of local and international enterprises, investors and business entities.


Consulting and representation

Advising and representing as a general representative and / or authorized agent of enterprises, investors and local and international business entities during their establishment and registration and conducting business activity


Consulting and drafting of acts

Consulting and drafting of internal regulatory acts of local and international enterprises, investors and business entities.


Managerial consulting

Managerial and financial consulting and specialized training for local and international enterprises, investors and business entities


Legal analysis

Legal analysis of various legal issues and disputes and presentation of recommendations.

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MConn team

MConn team consists of outstanding experts, ambitious and proactive professionals with high commitment to work, ready to take on challenges, guided by principles and hard work for

delivery of requested service and result on time. MConn engages prominent lawyers, economists and engineers with years of experience in local and international enterprises, organizations and institutions, in: legal and economic counceling of senior institutional management levels, drafting and reviewing of internal bylaws and financial acts of regulatory and financial institutions, negotiation and drafting of sales contracts and commercial contracts in general, development of mechanisms of integrity and institutional ethics, important analytical research on complex financial issues and economic situation, extensive knowledge and experience related to the energy system, trade and commercial as well as ownership legislation and its implementation on practice thereof. Depending on the need and specifics of the areas covered by MConn activities, MConn also collaborates with prominent local and international experts of the respective fields.

This experience, combined with the determination for maximum commitment and tangible work results, is a guarantee of successful realization of all activities and commitments in which MConn will be involved, inside and outside the country, individually or in cooperation with local and international strategic partners. In particular, MConn is equipped with the necessary capacities to serve as a basis for comprehensive market research and evaluation of opportunities for implementation of new innovative environmental and infrastructural developments, approaches and alternatives, in the areas in which it provides services.

Therefore, you are just a phone call or email away for ensuring most professional and competent services that you need for implementation of your ideas, goals and prosperity of your business.

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Work principles

At MConn, all activities will be conducted :

By professionals with high individual and professional credibility, with the necessary qualification and expertise

For timely delivery and superior quality of results required by the client

With responsibility for the work, results and recommendations given, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations in the country in relation to respective engagement.

With discretion, loyalty and commitment

Our goals

Having a consolidated team with qualifications, expertise and dedication to work and results, MConn aims to quickly become the first contact address of local and international clients and investors, from the field of services it offers, in the country, as well as in Southeast Europe and beyond.